Who is this online retreat for?
We do not limit anyone to join Winter Connections, though we would especially recommend it for those of you who find it mentally challenging to be at your best during this winter. You might feel, for example, that your physical and mental energy is running low. You might also be easily annoyed or irritated during a day. You might find it difficult to stay awaken and concentrate. Or you might struggle with anxiety, uncertainty or fears that make feeling lost. If you can tick one of these boxes or at least one of them – Winter connections is the right course for you to kick off 2021 and help yourself to have a better day.

What this retreat can exactly help with?
We designed Winter Connections with love and passion to help as many people as we can to cope with quality of everyday lives under these challenging circumstances. Completing this online course, you will be equipped with a few easy to implement practical tools to help yourself to release everyday stress and anxiety, explore winter’s nature offerings, boost your mental energy and motivation, and find inspiration to keep going with your daily lives.

How long time is required to complete the retreat?
Winter Connections consists of 4 parts and we would recommend dedicating a day or two to disconnect from the outside world and complete the course. Each part has no more than 20 mins of video content, but it is required to take some reflection time in between to absorb the information, try tools and techniques that you will be introduced to and spend sometimes practicing your new thoughts and feelings.

What is needed for the retreat?
Winter Connections is an online course so you will need any electronic device to get access to it (laptop, computer, tablet or a smartphone) and the internet connection. You will also need a pen and a notebook for a writing exercise as well as to take some notes that you find useful. We will also recommend being in a quiet space with no distractions around you for deeper dive into your emotions, thoughts and feelings for a better outcome.

What is the price and how it can be purchased?
Winter Connections is our newly designed collaborative offer with a desire to help those of you who are really challenged with a current reality. We really wanted to make it as inclusive and accessible as we can. The price is £20 for an entire programme including the video content designed by 4 hosts linking their diverse expertise together, further resources crafted encouraging you to explore some of the practices deeper, winter tips for your mental wellbeing from host, and as a bonus – special exclusive offers from each host to some other services that you might find useful to help yourself beyond this programme. You can purchase the retreat using a debit/credit card or a PayPal account following this link

Have you got any discounts or free ticket for those who finds it difficult to afford the price?
We would love to offer Winter Connections for no cost at all and make it fully accessible to all, but we are small local enterprises who need to survive financially as well especially at the current time. We made a price as affordable as it could be - each of the four modules has a symbolic price of £5 which is even less a cup of coffee and a cake nowadays. However, if you are really challenged financially and you feel that this course is for you, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will discuss an option that can help.

Is it easy to complete this retreat if I have never done any online courses before?
When we were working on the Winter Connections content, we tested quite a few platforms to find the best one in terms of its usability. We chosen the thinkific platform to publish the course because it is very intuitive to follow, and you do not need any previous knowledge to be able to complete the course.

Where can I find more information about hosts and their backgrounds?
You can follow the link below and after registering with the thinkific platform, there is an option of a free preview of an intro page where we provided details about each of host, their expertise and the ways to connect if there are any additional questions. https://wellbeing-rituals.thinkific.com/courses/winter-connections

If you still have any questions and you have not found the answer above, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to help as quickly as we can.